Airsec Anti-lost Solutions For Luxury, Luggage and Shoe Stores

1 Anti-lost features of luxury stores, luggage stores, shoe stores.

With the improvement of quality of people’s life, possession of valuable goods and luxury goods is the pursuit goal and ideal of most people. Therefore, various brands specializing in luxury stores, luggage stores, shoe stores are emerging. The corresponding boutique shops also emerge as the times require, and the number and scale are continuously expanding.
In the actual operation of boutique shops, the high-value features of goods require higher security. As a result of human vanity and greed, some individuals will take the risk of stealing, which causes great losses to boutique shops. According to statistics, the goods theft rate of boutique shops is higher than that of ordinary shops. Therefore, it is very important to how to protect the valuable goods.

2 Airsec provides special anti-lost solutions for luxury stores, luggage stores, shoe stores

2.1 Self-alarm series products

Luxury goods, luggage, shoes, and other goods are equipped with self-alarm series of anti-theft tags, which are developed and produced by our company. When the self-alarm tag is cut off or break off without unlocking, self-alarm tags will alarm. When the goods that don’t be removed the self-alarm tag are taken away from store, the antenna will have sound and light alarm and the self-alarm tag will also alarm. It is used to remind staff to deal with issues.

2.2 Different series of anti-lost antennas

According to different store style, especially high-grade, fashionable, quality luxury stores, luggage stores, shoe stores, Airsec launches black classic series, white luxury series, light gray quality series, metallic series and other series anti-theft antennas.
Airsec retail anti-lost solutions is based on changing the “people-to-people” and “person-to-goods” methods in the past. The anti-theft tags will be implemented on every product and the goods will be given a self-defense capability to completely solve the problem of valuable goods theft.

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