Airsec anti-theft solution for clothing stores


1. How to do anti-theft for clothing stores?

Nowadays, anti-theft solution for clothing store has become more and more mature, mainly achieved by following steps.

1.1 Put special consumable products (EAS hard tag) for anti-theft garment on the border of the clothing.
1.2 Install special anti-theft gate at the entrance to the clothing store (EAS anti-theft antenna)
1.3 When customers pay for the clothes at the checkout counter and a cashier remove EAS hard tags from garment by detacher, and then they hold these which they purchased and pass through the gate, the antenna doesn’t alarm.
1.4 When customers doesn’t pay for the clothes(EAS hard tags are doesn’t removed from clothes) passing through the entrance, the antenna will have sound and light alarm. Customers will re-submit payment procedure.

2. What is anti-theft system in clothing store combined of?

2.1 EAS anti-theft antenna, also known as EAS anti-theft gate
There are two types of elementary unit , that is single channel and double channels.
The single channel consists of one transmitter antenna and one receiver antenna.
The double channels consist of one transmitter antenna and two receiver antennas, but transmitter antenna put in the middle of the two receiver antenna.
Several channels in clothing store consists of separate or superimposed elementary unit.

2.2 EAS hard tag, also called as eas anti-theft tag
Our company produce kinds of eas hard tags, basic models: golf tag, super tag, pencil tag etc. Meanwhile we also provide customers with customized tags. Our company has already design and produce special eas hard tags of other brands for more than 50 big customers. Sensitive effect depends on coil size in the hard tag.
In practice process of use, when EAS hard tag pass through the channel of EAS anti-theft antenna, the antenna will have sound and light alarm.

2.3 EAS detacher
Normal detacher can be used for the vast majority of EAS hard tags.
The theory is that EAS hard tags is opened by which magnet in detacher generates magnetism. There are divided into normal magnetic detacher and strong magnetic detacher according to different magnetism.
Regarding super tag, it has to use special electromagnetic detacher to open.

3. Our company of the characteristics and advantages in clothing store anti-theft system

Overall, EAS amti-theft system in our company has three charaters: stable performance, high alarm rate and beautiful design.

3.1 The widest channel: single channel is 180cm
3.2 high sensitivity: dedicated to the weak alarm single recognition technique
3.3 good stability: possess the most advanced DSP(Digital Signal Processing) in the world and phase-locked three-loop synchronous recursive filtering to perfectly ensure system in stability and reliability.
3.4 without alarm: fully automatic self-adaption self-detection technology, automatic gain control technology, effective recognition, filtering and suppression of external environmental interference, to achieve the ideal effect of high alarm, no false alarm.
3.5 beautiful design in appearance: Our company has designed black classic series, white elegant series, light gray quality series, metal matte series for different application scene needs.

Author: Airsec Team

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