Airsec Cosmetics Stores Security Solution

Cosmetics stores generally use acousto magnetic security system. Although they are more expensive than radio-frequency security system, some of the goods with metals in cosmetics stores have a shielding effect on the RF system. Thus, RF system is not suitable for cosmetics stores.
Airsec recommends the composition of cosmetics store security solution: a set of system for cosmetics stores includes acousto magnetic security system (anti-theft antenna), acousto magnetic security soft label (DR label), deactivator for AM soft label, safer box, detacher.

1. Acousto magnetic security system (anti-theft antenna, also known as detection gate)

It adopts the world’s leading self-checking technology and digital signal processing (DSP) technology, stable and reliable performance, wide detection, and AM soft label (DR label) has strong resistance to metal pollution, which has been widely recognized by global retail customers.

2. Acoustic Magnetic Soft Labels (DR Labels)

Directly paste AM soft label to the product. Please note when using it:
2.1 Can’t affect the appearance of goods
2.2 Can’t bend
2.3 Can’t damage the goods
2.4 Avoid being close to magnetic substances

3. Acoustic Magnetic deactivator for AM soft labels

After the deactivator is powered on, AM soft labels can be deactivated by the degaussing plate, and alarms will not occur when passing through the acoustic magnetic security system.

4. Safer box

Put the product into a safer box to provide a double security function. The safer box can be customized to meet customer needs for frequency and size.

5. Detacher

Opening the safer box requires a special detacher for operation.

Airsec is a high-tech enterprise combined with R&D, production, and sales services. They specialize in anti-theft products for EAS clothing stores, supermarkets, cosmetics stores, luxury goods stores, luggage stores, shoe stores, and libraries. The company’s main products: AM security system, RF security system, EM security system, EAS hard tags, soft labels, lanyard, locks and other EAS anti-theft systems and consumable products, which are widely used in apparel branded stores, supermarkets, luggage stores , optical shops, pharmacies, shoe stores, mother and baby shops, sporting goods stores, shopping malls, libraries, etc.

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