How to choose anti-shoplifting system for supermarket

The anti-theft access control system in the supermarket mainly adopts EAS system (Electronic Article Surveillance). The EAS anti-shoplifting system in the supermarket is also called as anti-theft device in the supermarket. There are mainly two systems on the market, RF anti-theft system and AM anti-theft system.

How to choose a good anti-shoplifting EAS system for supermarket?

Airsec are glad to give you the following suggestions:

RF anti-theft system is also called as radio frequency system, which big advantages are low cost and easy to install. However, there are problems that are easily interfered with by some items such as door head lamps, cash registers, electronic products, etc. At the same time, radio frequency signals cannot penetrate metal. All these have a great influence on the anti-theft radio frequency system.

The characteristics of acoustic magnetic anti-theft system are high detection rate, low false alarm rate, good anti-interference, wide protection range, and the maximum detection width of the exit can reach 3 meters. There are mainly divided into two kinds of anti-theft labels, soft labels and hard labels. These can protect most types of merchandise in the supermarket. Soft labels can be used repeatedly for deactivation. AM system can work normally which doesn’t be affected by POS machines, cash registers, etc.

Airsec recommends that you choose acoustic magnetic anti-theft EAS system when choosing anti-theft control access for a supermarket. Specific considerations are as follows: Many goods in the supermarket are required to use anti-theft soft labels, such as laundry detergent, body wash, shampoo and so on. However, the radio frequency anti-theft system can not well protect many goods with metal in the supermarket, because radio frequency signals cannot penetrate metal. Acoustic magnetic anti-theft system release the signal which can penetrate small metals so as to achieve more than 90% anti-theft needs of supermarket goods.

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